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    Kendrick Lamar Talks to Devi Dev About Dealing With Depression and the Status of His Next Album



    Kendrick Lamar‘s media tour continued today with an interview at Houston’s “937 The Beat” radio station with Devi Dev. Following the tone of his previous interviews this week, Kendrick talked about the importance of his single, “i,” and everything he wants to accomplish with the song and the video, including inspiring the youth in his community.

    Dot spoke on dealing with depression throughout his life, and that he hopes “i” will help younger generations cope with the same feelings. “A lot of things you try and balance, you know your personal life with the music and what you do,” he said. “You know it comes a lot of turmoil when you talking about money, when you talking about fame, fortune, and success, a lot of things you got to handle and balance, and that brings a whole lot of depression.”

    As for his highly-anticipated sophomore album, Kendrick hinted that the album could possible come out by the end of this year, but he didn’t make any guarantees. In previous interviews, Kendrick has stated that he is still working on the project and that there is a good chance it drops in early 2015.

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