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    Usher has the key to bringing woman to their knees, not just with his voice, but with the enviable abs he’s been flashing since he was a baby face on the scene in a white beanieAnd with a new role in the bag, he’s pushing his body to new heights.

    When it comes to remaining fit, one thing Usher does not take “Nice and Slow” is his training, and now that the singer has been pegged to play Sugar Ray in the boxer’s biopic, he’s kicking it up to the next level. So what better choice to cover Men’s Health’s 25th anniversary issue?

    While the workout tips may be for the men, us women are going to go right ahead and assume these pictures are for us, so thank you in advance, Men’s Health!

    Check out the photos of Usher sweating it out in the gallery below with the corresponding excerpts from the interview.


    “I train like an athlete every day, believe it or not.”

    On pushing his body to the limit while training to play boxing legend Sugar Ray in new movie: 

    “My second day I decided to ride to the gym,” 10 miles from his home in Atlanta. “So I rode there. Boxed. Rode the bike back home. Mentally, I’m the type of person who can ignore the pain. Put it somewhere else and allow my body to just go there,” he says. “But I always suffer. You can’t box, ride a bike for 20 miles in the heat—Georgia heat—and then go to the studio and rehearse. That’s not happening.”

    He credits the biggest lesson he learned to another former ring champion:

    “Sugar Ray Robinson said the most potent weapon in boxing is rest,” Usher says. “Now I realize you can’t push yourself all the way. You have to pull back a little bit.”

    On prepping mentally for his role: 

    “My commitment to this character demands that I not only physically get ready, but also become him,” he says. “The hair, the personality, the manner he conducts himself in—all that. He’s an incredible man.”

    Be sure to head over to Men’s Health for the full spread, and more from Usher. Now, excuse us while we hit the gym.


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