Freeway Ricky on Why He Didn’t Go Foward w/ Suing “Snowfall”, Run-In w/ Damson Idris

    In this clip, Cavario started off asking Freeway Ricky about his thoughts on Donald Trump saying he’d implement the death penalty for drug dealers. Freeway Ricky stated that after reading Trump’s books (which he pointed out Trump didn’t write) while he was in prison, he realized that Trump isn’t intelligent. Ricky then added that the death penalty isn’t the answer, and he stated that we need to start looking at these people as if they were our family members in order to get them real help. Moving along, Cavario asked Freeway Ricky about the final season of “Snowfall” and if he ever thought about suing the show. Freeway Ricky explained that because he’s done so many public interviews, it makes it difficult to sue the show. Freeway Ricky also spoke about running into Damson Idris, who plays the main character on “Snowfall,” and Ricky explained that he wasn’t aware of Damson because of him protesting the show. Freeway Ricky stated that he had a great meeting with Damson, who said that he wished Freeway Ricky was on the set. When asked about the “BMF” series, Freeway Ricky explained that he doesn’t watch shows like that because he sees them in the same light as the “Blaxploitation” movies in the past. From there, Cavario asked Freeway Ricky if he thinks BMF’s operation was bigger than his at its height, and he explained that he imagines BMF was bigger because they had a longer run. Freeway Ricky then stated that he thinks there could be another BMF because people are continuing to use drugs.
    Interview by: Cavario

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