Floyd Mayweather: ‘I Love Miss Jackson, I’m Happy With One Woman’


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Floyd Mayweather and Shantel Jackson

Inside the ring, Floyd Mayweather reigns as one of the highest paid and most successful boxers on the planet, however when it comes to what people in the streets think about him, he has a reputation as a hot-headed, womanizing baby daddy, with multiple women and domestic violence issues.

This month, Floyd is finally able to share his side of the story as the cover boy for Sister 2 Sister Magazine.  Inside, he chats with CEO Jamie Foster Brown about his controversies and rumors, while professing his love for his fiancée Miss Jackson.  He also explained the difference between “trickin’” on your girl, being a sugar daddy, and taking care of your woman.

On his views of being faithful to a woman
Okay, well let me kind of explain. Miss Jackson is my fiancée. I stand behind her 100 percent. No relationship is perfect. Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye. Sometimes I don’t see eye to eye with my dad; he’s my trainer. But at the end of the day, I love my father, I love my family, and I love Miss Jackson and she loves me. You hear different things, like Floyd’s with—because I have

have employees or people that are around me that I may put on Instagram or Twitter and say, “Thank you for the support.” Then you may hear on a blogsite, “Well, this is Floyd’s girlfriend, and Floyd is with this woman. He’s with that woman.” Any woman that’s attractive that’s around me doesn’t mean that she’s my girlfriend or she’s my lady or I’m sleeping with this woman. I’m happy with one woman.

On if he can be monogamous
I’m happy with one woman. I have one woman in my life, which is Miss Jackson. So all the stories that people are saying about Floyd is with this woman and that woman, like I said before, is just rumors. If you don’t have 100-percent proof, you can’t bring it to me.

Actually, I’m writing a book right now on just life and how I see it. And I do know a lot of females, I have a lot of female associates, and some are friends. So people have got to know what’s the difference between an associate and a friend.Floyd Mayweather and Shantel Love


On Shantel
Right now we’re working on so many different things for her, as far as her acting, her clothing line.

I feel like any real man that loves his woman is going to invest in her, period. Any real man that’s got friends that don’t have it and he does have it, or he or she has it and they don’t have it, [he’s] going to give that person a boost to take them to that next level.

On being comfortable buying things for his woman and being a provider
This is how I look at certain situations: If you have a man that spends money on a woman, I feel like they’re going to say, “Oh, well, he’s trickin’.” If he’s an older man they going to say he’s a sugar daddy.

I don’t know how they done it in your era, but in my era they call it—a young man that spends money on a female—they call it trickin’. And what I like to say is this: If I look good and I got it, the woman that’s standing next to me, she should look good and she should have it.

Catch more from Floyd’s interview in Sister 2 Sister Magazine, on newsstands now.

Jamie Foster Brown & Floyd Mayweather cover Sister 2 Sister

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