Feminists Criticize Beyonce for Wearing a Leotard on Stage, Jada Pinkett Smith Steps In



    wepoewoewopSome people think that hardcore feminists are good for the world.  Others think that they go overboard.  This might be one situation where they can be accused of going over the line.

    Beyonce, who describes herself as a feminist, was heavily criticized for wearing a Leotard on stage during a women’s empowerment event.  The Chime for Change Concert was billed as a big gathering for those who believe in the empowerment of women, and Beyonce was one of the main attractions.

    But there were some very vocal critics who felt that Beyonce’s use of sexuality to get attention was a reversion back to the ideals that feminists spend their time fighting against.  But when the critics started piling high, Jada Pinkett Smith came to the rescue, using her facebook page as an avenue to defend her good friend from the haters.

    Says Jada:

    “Whose body is this anyway?” she said. “There was some backlash about the performance outfits for the Chime concert. Since a woman’s body has been deeply connected to sin, it’s easy to forget all the power and beauty her body and sexuality possesses.

    “Yes, with this power comes great responsibility, but how was Beyoncé’s tasteful outfit irresponsible? Here is the problem I see, a woman’s body is too much power for one woman to have, even Beyoncé. Although we see corporations exploit this power through women and girls, with far less clothing on than Beyoncé, to sell their products, do we protest? But hey, a woman has to be in check, right? Know her position since we’ve all been taught that a powerful woman is dangerous and that a powerful man makes the world go round.

    “Here’s the deal… soon the reign of shame on a woman’s body and her control of it will end. She will be autonomous. For she can’t truly be free without it. And oh, boy…what a different world this place will be…when she is free.”


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