Family of Warren mother gunned down in street have emotional statements to 3 killers


 – Two men and one woman will spend the rest of their lives in prison for killing a woman in Warren. They were convicted of conspiring and carrying out a murder plot against a 34-year-old mother in a deadly love triangle.

On Wednesday the family of the victim made emotional statements.

“You all are full of (expletive), like for real, you are really full of (expletive) Marcy,” said Keirra Johnson. “I don’t know what my mama did to you. I really don’t, but I wouldn’t wish that on nobody. Literally, nobody.”

Johnson unloaded on her mother’s killers during their sentencing. Marcie Griffin, George Rider and Eric Gibson were convicted of first degree murder for the 2017 killing of Julii Johnson.

“What was so much hatred for? How can you as a human being have so much hatred in you?” said Pamela Johnson, her mother.

Authorties say Griffin targeted Johnson, the mother of her ex-boyfriend’s two children, that she enlisted her new boyfriend, George Rider, in the plot to kill Johnson and that Rider recruited his friend Eric Gibson to carry out the murder.

Gibson claims he’s innocent.

“My condolences to the family for their loss,” said Gibson. “I hope they find the person who comitted this heinous crime. Michigan State Police and Warren police illegally obtained my DNA and forced evidence against me to make it look like I committed this crime.”

Johnson was found dead on the front lawn of her boyfriend’s home in Warren. Her body was riddled with bullets.

Woman found shot to death on front lawn in Warren
3 arrested in suspected murder for hire in Warren

“I’m going to miss her and to know her was to love her,” said Jemere Chatman, the victim’s older brother. “She was a beautiful, spirited person as we all knew.”

“To sit with no remorse, but you have to live with what you did,” said Pamela Johnson. “You know your role, your part, in this and you have to live with it, every day.”

Griffin, Rider and Gibson will spend the rest of their lives in prison. They will not have a shot at parole.

The convicted killers’ lawyers maintain their clients are innocent and the jury had a tough time coming back with guilty verdicts.

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