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    R2G is the acronym for a new musical statement “Ready to Grind” introduced by three friends from Detroit, Michigan who came together with a unified goal to put 200% in what they all have an extreme passion for [MUSIC]. R2G is not just a recording group; but a group who pride themselves on being able to participate in all areas of the entertainment business, garnering fans from all walks of life.

    The members are known as Looze Cannon, Symba J and SmooveTalk.  Looze Cannon and Symba J met while working at the iconic Motown Museum as tour guides sharing the rich history and legacy of the music label founded by the legendary Berry Gordy, Jr.  SmooveTalk later joined his homeboys and was the last to complete the fold. While each member has their own unique aptitude, the entity’s’ goal-set and focus is the same. Symba J is the low-key/ laid back “college buff”, whereas SmooveTalk is quite the opposite and is best known for his smoove conversation and is often referred to as the “ladies man” of the group. Looze Cannon is considered the “Dr. Dre” of the unit, due to his array of talents, skill and experience in the music business [an extraordinary producer, dj, songwriter, comic, musician, actor and rapper]. He has been active in the music industry since the age of 6, and had his first major label signing at age 7.

    What does the name represent? Looze Cannon says “It represents EVERYONE & ALL who can earnestly get up every morning with a goal-set to achieve greatness.  It doesn’t matter if the goal-set is going to a job every day to feed yourself and your family; being an entrepreneur grinding to growing your business; you can be a student with goals of graduating and becoming a doctor or lawyer, or another recording artist or entertainer banking on success…the single mother, independent woman grind…it doesn’t matter…. the acronym supports the hustle and the grind for everyone. The hustle is real. And for R2G… our grind is all about music”.

    R2G is truly a team effort. You may see the members on stage, but they credit their team for helping make the grind a reality. Because really …what is a hustle/grind without a team?  Streetnoise Entertainment (The Label) helps to bring the concept of R2G to life. Team members “Just Marv” & “Mo” are on the ground daily; Glen Cannon is founder of Streetnoise with many years of experience in the field of entertainment, particularly on the touring side [Production Manager for Prince/The Symbol/Jam of the Year Tour]; and Peggy Body who is taking the group through artist development and is best known for her artist development work with the Biv10 Record/Motown/Universal label imprint.

    Their debut single is entitled WATCHIN and is quickly gaining notoriety in and around the music industry and online.  It’s a club anthem/banger and the remix is underway featuring national recording artist Payroll Giovanni. Friends, fans and everybody should get READY TO GRIND with R2G.  Their music is currently available on all digital music platforms (Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and more).  R2G is accepting interviews, appearances and live performance dates nationwide.  For More information hit R2G on social media at @officialR2G or email StreetNoiseEntertainment@gmail.com.

    R2G is definitely worth WATCHING!   👀