DEA Agent Chad A. Scott Who Tried To Set Up J. Prince & Scarface Found Guilty


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    Houston-based DEA agent Chad A. Scott had been called out for corruption by both J. Prince and Scarface.

    Turns out they were correct, as Scott has been found guilty on two counts of perjury, three counts of obstruction of justice and two counts of falsifying government records.

    “According to the evidence presented during the seven-day trial, Scott, while a DEA special agent in New Orleans, committed these crimes in and around the New Orleans, Louisiana, and Houston, Texas, areas,” reads a Justice Department press release. ” Specifically, the evidence showed that Scott directed a Houston-based drug trafficker to buy a Ford F-150 truck worth approximately $43,000 and forfeit the truck to Scott as part of the drug trafficker’s cooperation.  Scott then falsified the seizure paperwork for the truck in various aspects, including falsely claiming that he had seized the truck in New Orleans instead of Houston, in order to facilitate the vehicle being forfeited and given to Scott as his official government vehicle.”

    Scarface accused Scott of doing even worse  in his 2000 The Last Of A Dying Breed tracks “Look Me In The Eyes” and “Gangsta Sh*t.”

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    J. Prince elaborated on Scott’s corruption in an IG post after Scott was finally indicted.

    “Over the years he left a trail of blood and bodies by victimizing homies and becoming a criminal with a badge. Now the time has come for the victims in Louisiana and Texas to come together with any information on this scumbag to free those who’ve been wrongfully set up and imprisoned by him,” Prince typed.

    Scott will be sentenced December 4.

    His two convictions for falsifying records and the three for obstructing justice each carry maximum sentences of 20 years. The two convictions for perjury carry sentences of five years in prison.

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