D.L. Hughley To Donald Trump: ‘F*ck You Now And F*ck You Forever’


    D.L. Hughley had enough of what he thinks is Donald Trump’s pandering to the black community. The seasoned comic posted a video on his Facebook page over the weekend in which he speaks of his disgust towards the president-elect.

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    “If Donald Trump cared about black people, he wouldn’t have denigrated the president with those claims of birtherism,” the 53-year-old said. “He wouldn’t have stoked fears, racist fears by saying this man is less than and is not one of us, to become president.”

    In the video, Hughley continues his fiery rant explaining why he thinks Trump isn’t really interested with the concerns of the African-American community, and says that meeting with a rapper, a football player and a comic (Kanye West, Jim Brown and Steve Harvey) is more telling of his views of black people in America.

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    “Donald Trump takes pictures with black people… You know why you have a comedian, a rapper and a football player out to talk about the concerns of the community? Because that’s the positions you’re used to seeing us in. You’d rather have black people be football players, comedians and rappers than the president. You would rather see us run the ball than run the country.”

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    Hughley ends his rant leaving no room for anyone to guess how he really feels. Watch the video below.

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