Chris Matthews Nails It: “It’s Hatred,” Not Politics Behind Strong GOP Opposition to President Obama


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    chris-matthewsSomething I (as well as many other liberals) have been saying for years was plainlystated by Chris Matthews on the Rachel Maddow Show last night.  Matthews didn’t hold back when he said it was “hatred,” not politics, that’s fueling such intense opposition to President Obama.

    And it’s the truth.  While Democrats and Republicans have always bickered, I’ve never seen such a level of vile hatred as I have since President Obama was elected in 2008.  It’s just blind, unwavering disdain for a man many Republicans can’t even list five factual statements about.

    Living in Texas, I can’t count the times I’ve heard negative comments against the president.  Not intellectual comments based on some kind of factual information, but comments made from sheer ignorance and misinformation.  And the kicker is, when you make these people aware that what they believe isn’t actually true—they simply don’t care.

    It’s like a saying I’ve heard quite a few times since Barack Obama became president — “Republicans hate Obama more than they love America.”  Now, it’s up for debate whether or not they actually love America.  I maintain they love a version of the United States they wished existed but doesn’t—but that’s a topic for another article.

    But I really do feel that these people hate President Obama to such an irrational level that they would rather see this country burn to the ground if it meant they got to oppose something he supports.  They don’t care about facts or reality, they hate Obama.

    And that’s all that seems to matter.

    Oh, the government was shut down for a pointless reason?  Who cares.  We hate Obama.

    The United States might default on its debt, causing possible economic catastrophe which might hurt the lives of millions of Americans?  Who cares.  We hate Obama.

    Hell, I remember when we killed Osama bin Ladin — even at a point which should have been apolitical, many of them quickly went into “Obama deserves no credit” mode to oppose giving him any credit.  Some basically said that since he didn’t pull the trigger, he didn’t deserve any credit for anything.  Even at a point where our country finally got the most wanted man in the world, Republicans found a way to try to attack Obama.

    I really feel that if President Obama ran into a burning building to save 25 orphans, Republicans would find a way to attack him for trying to put firefighters out of business, or some other asinine response.

    Where does this hatred come from?  Well, undoubtedly it comes from the fact that he’s half black.  Sure, Republicans will fight tooth and nail to claim that his race has nothing to do with their hatred toward him, but they’re full of crap.

    I live in Texas, I see the racism constantly.  I can’t count how many times I’ve heard President Obama called some kind of derogatory name for African Americans.  Now, I’m not saying all Republicans who oppose President Obama are racists, but I do believe a large part of the opposition to him (especially from the tea party) has to do with his race.

    Another area where I think this blind hatred comes from is the right-wing media machine which specializes in creating irrational fear and paranoia about whatever they wish to attack.  Republicans might not be good at many things, but they are masters at propaganda and pushing a simple, and consistent, message to their voters.  If Fox News is pushing it, I can almost assuredly expect to see my Republicans friends repeating those same talking points very soon.  Whatever the right-wing media tells them to think or do, they follow.

    And that’s how we get to where we are now.  Millions of Americans with such an intense hatred for one man that no amount of facts, reality, common sense or logic will change their minds on anything.

    Because like Chris Matthews said, it’s no longer about politics.  It’s about a pure, unwavering “hatred” of President Obama.

    I really believe many of these Republicans would rather see this country reduced to ashes rather than get behind anything the president supports.

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