Company Plans To Release Male Robots For Intimate Pleasure

The artificial intelligence sex industry used to be the exclusive domain of men. But that trend is so 2017. If you though last year’s female sex dolls with huge, voluptuous breasts and unnerving facial expressions were weird enough, wait till you see 2018 unfold with MALE sex dolls. It is finally time for women to also get equal representation here! (just to be on the safe side in case feminists get triggered!)
What do you call a penis characterized by robotic thrusts? Bionic penises. That’s what these robots are now equipped with. These glorified dildos will be going on sale sometime this year, released by Matt MucMullen who founded Realbotix.
Matt is the brains behind Harmony
Harmony is an artificial intelligence app which actually helps to synchronize with a robotic head system. This allows the head to become ‘aware’ and express ‘feelings’. Kind of like a warped up version of a sex OS.
How long does it last ‘he’ last in bed?
An important question that many women (and jealous men) will be asking is how long will the robot last in bed? Or more precisely what is the upkeep time of the robot? Matt says the robot is hooked to the grid, so as long as she wants really!
Infinite facial expressions
Prospective customers will be given an app on which to customize their own choice of face and bodily features such as the height, musculature and facial expressions of the robots which will then be used for 3D printing.
More popular than dildos
According to the world’s leading AI researcher Dr David Levy, male sex robots would eventually become more popular than vibrators and dildos. We wonder where these women will be able to hide their new ‘partner’. Certainly not inside the closet!
Matt’s optimism is slightly disturbing
Matt believes that “I’m sure women will find robots as appealing as men!” The guy definitely has admirable optimism. One which should make us all fear inside. The guy is on a mission to replace US all!
“They are companions”
What’s even more disturbing is how Matt wants these sex dolls to become more than just a tool for sexual gratification. He wants them to replace human companions and provide the feeling of being truly loved both inside the room and outside of it.
Does that not creep you out?
Let the thought sink in. These creepy faces are designed to soon take place next to your wife in bed when you’re unable to satisfy her sexual cravings. All the ‘blemishes’ which you had will be fulfilled by these robots.
Size of their junk?
The most important aspect of any dildo is its size and girth. According to Matt, his male sex robots will come in all shapes and sizes, and the premium priced ones will even feature fancy dildo strap-ons.
Female versions of Matt’s robots
Matt’s software called Harmony has the ability to equip these ghastly creations to be able to talk, learn and adapt to the customer’s demands. But currently he only has female versions of them, and they all cost in excess of $12,000.
Advanced robots
Some researchers are of the opinion that sex robots will soon become advanced enough to be able to cheat on their human partners and cover their tracks by lying. Now that is taking it a tad bit too far!
Justin Bieber sex doll
And Justin Bieber is the first victim of the male sex doll industry. Despite not having outgrown his tween image, most people decided it would be a good idea to create Justin’s replica. Does the doll actually look like the real thing? Well you decide.
The dolls are made out of silicone
Silicon used to have a promising place in the computer chip industry, but now it is being used to make the most important cosmetic tool created by man – silicone rubber. The material used to create these sex dolls.
Autonomous robots
The future looks grim for the rest of us if it is characterized by autonomous robots who can make decisions for themselves. Elon Musk, founder of Space X likes to claim that world is not far away.
Will robots take over the world?
Not only will they take over your women, they are also poised to take over the world. If they can cheat over their human partner and cover it up with believable excuses, surely they can hijack a country’s nuclear codes and make their own dictatorship right? That’s some next level post apocalyptic stuff right there!

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