Chris Brown Describes His Relationship Status as “Single With a Girlfriend”


Justin Laboy and Justin Combs kicked off the series premiere of their show, “Respectfully Justin,” with guest appearances by Kevin Durant and Chris Brown.

The episode opened with a conversation with KD via FaceTime. During his segment, the two-time NBA champion answered questions about Valentine’s Day and offered his advice on dating before Chris Brown joined the show in-person.

The R&B singer answered a few questions about his dating life before the cohosts asked if he was single or taken, six minutes into the episode. With a smile, Chris Brown answered, “I’m single with a girlfriend.” When pressed to further explain his relationship status, Brown laughed the topic off and requested to take a shot instead.

Throughout the rest of the episode, Chris Brown explained how he would get out of buying a Valentine’s Day, which zodiac sign he wouldn’t date, and how he would pursue an ex-girlfriend. However, viewers were stuck on the way he labeled his relationship status, leading to Chris Brown receiving the “toxic” label in a multitude of social media posts.

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