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Cardi B’s Sister Calls Out Azealia Banks


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Cardi B may have taken a hiatus from Instagram on the heels of Azealia Banks’ latest barrage of attacks on her character, but the Bronx rapper’s decision to distance herself from the whole ordeal isn’t stopping her sister Hennessy Carolina from taking the beef off of her hands.

Some women have chimed in since Azealia made her return to the spotlight with knocks against Cardi for what she deems to be a poor representation of the Black community. Many, including Tammy Rivera and publicist Patientce Foster, have voiced general concern and disagreement with Black women tearing each other apart in public. Then there are those who’ve chosen sides in the long-drawn rift, and naturally, Hennessy is taking up the defense of her famous sibling.

In a post that she has since deleted from IG, Hennessy presented a photograph of Azealia wearing a bomber jacket and Moncler denim thong shorts on the red carpet of a past Paris Fashion Week event. “What was your excuse? Out here showing your a** for free. Your intelligent a** told yourself to go out to carpet event like this?” she wrote, in an attempt to point out hypocrisy on the Harlem rapper’s behalf.

What a great role model,” she added.

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