JIGGY JONES  MARCH 9, 2020

    If you know 50 Cent, he spares no one when it comes to entertaining his followers on Instagram. This time it comes at the expense of Bow Wow.

    The Millennium Tour co-headliner recently kicked off the tour with Omarion, Ashanti, Pretty Ricky and more. While saying goodbye to his fans after the performance, Bow slipped and fell into the pit of the stage. Fif took to his Instagram to expose Bow Wow’s mishap.

    “Damn it man, BOW WOW can’t come to TYCOON falling of the stage and sh*t,” Fif. “NAH stay home.

    The Ohio rapper took no offense to being the subject of 50 Cent’s roast sessions. In fact, he had a sense of humor about it, by blaming his fall on Fif’s cognac.

    “That’s what happens when u drink that f**king branson cognac before the concert,” he commented. “Thanks Fif! I’m never drinking that sh*t again.”

    Fif responses to Bow by marketing his cognac and upcoming festival.

    “Damn boy you was lit, lit. TYCOON we in Dallas 7th first week of may.”

    Both Snoop Dogg and Jermaine Dupri got joined in the comment section to laugh at their mentee.

    This is not the first case where Fif clowned Bow Wow for an embarrassing moment.

    Last Summer, the For Life executive producer held Tycoon Festival in June of 2019 but disinvited Bow Wow due to prior behavior. The “Let Me Hold You” rapper was accused of pocketing money that 50 gave to strippers at a strip club. The funniest part of the action is he was caught on video doing so. Once 50 got ahold of the footage, he instantly used it to taunt Bow Wow and disinviting him to TYCOON Festival.

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