Birdman Names The Young Rapper Who Will Bigger than Drake


Love him or hate him, Birdman has seen it all.

During his interview with Big Facts, he explained how he knew Drake would be a big star the day he met him. [Jump to 37 minutes.]

“I told Drake he was living legend the first day I met him and heard his music, cause Wayne played it for me.  Drake is a different type of n*gga.  Very smart.  Business centered.”

But that’s nothing compared to what he thinks of NBA YoungBoy.

“I think NBA Youngboy might be the biggest rapper.   I ain’t no n*gga gonna be bigger than NBA YoungBoy.  Numbers. Numbers don’t lie  He the biggest YouTube artist in the world, and he behind a wall.  When that little boy get his mind right, and come out from this bullshit, and understand who he is.  Thug and all them 30.  He 20.  You put a n*gga behind a wall, you making him smart.  They making him into monster.  NBA YoungBoy that ain’t normal.  He special.  I think he’s a billion-dollar n*gga.  I tell him that.  I talk to him every day.

If and when YB gets out of his federal pen, do you think he will dominate the game as Baby predicts

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