Bill Cosby Debate Leaves Marc Lamont Hill “Disgusted” By Judge Joe Brownt


Judge Joe Brown and Marc Lamont Hill Debate Bill Cosby’s Prison Release

Marc Lamont Hill welcomed Judge Joe Brown to debate the media coverage of Bill Cosby’s prison release. However, the discussion left Hill feeling “disgusted” by Brown’s thoughts on the matter.

After Cosby’s release, Brown tweeted, “Anyone who was knowledgeable of American law would have expected and predicted the outcome of the Cosby appeal. Mainstream media and Hollywood incite public disorder by lying to the people about the law and encouraging mob rule. Hollywood reacts to Bill Cosby’s release with shock.”

Hill acknowledged the prosecution’s immoral tactics during Cosby’s trial but still expressed his belief that Cosby is a sexual predator.

“BILL COSBY IS NOT INNOCENT. HE HAS NOT BEEN EXONERATED,” Hill wrote on Twitter. “His release means that Cosby, a sexual predator, was incarcerated within a criminal legal system that has as little regard for its own rules and procedures as Cosby does for his victims.”

During their debate, Brown argued that the media was dishonest and misleading in its coverage of Cosby. He also stated it was not the responsibility of Cosby to prove his innocence and accused the justice system of allowing public opinion to sway legal proceedings.

“The truth of the matter is you don’t have to [prove Cosby is innocent], [Cosby’s accusers] have to prove that what they claim is true, not the other way around. That’s American law,” Brown said. “I see too much of this show up on the courthouse, voice your opinion, and get the courts to yield to what you believe. That’s not the way the law works — that’s called mob rule, mob justice. And if you want a more egregious exemplar, take what happened to Emmett Till and every other Black man that’s been lynched in the history of this country because somebody got emotional and decided to sovereign the law, go around it, and do what their emotions drove them to do.”

Later in the discussion, Hill brought up Cosby admitting to providing drugs and alcohol to women before having sex with them. While he argued that it’s rape when a person is too inebriated to give consent, Brown argued that’s only true in certain states. The debate grew heated as the men began talking over each other and Brown stated that it’s not society’s obligation to “protect somebody from being stupid.”

Following the interview, Hill tweeted, “Last night, I interviewed Judge Joe Brown. I was disappointed and disgusted by his misogyny and apologies for rape culture. I wish I’d ended the interview sooner.”

Look above to view the full exchange.

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