Alicia Keys Gushes About Relationship With Swizz Beatz On ‘Master Class’ [VIDEO]


    Alicia Keys Oprah's Master ClassSince debuting in 2001, Alicia Keys has been put through the rumor wringer. When “Fallin” first dropped, everyone speculated whether or not Keys was into women or men. Now, that she’s a married mother of one, people try to tarnish her love with producer Swizz Beatz by calling her a home wrecker. Alicia Keys couldn’t care less about the naysayers’ opinions because she is still madly in love and she shared that on the upcoming season premiere of “Oprah’s Master Class.” 

    After detailing her rise from running from pimps and prostitutes in her Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City, Keys begins to glow at the mention of Swizz Beatz’s name. She says, “I’ve never met anyone like him.” Besides, her journey to stardom and marriage, Alicia Keys also shares some of the life lessons she’s learned along the way.

    Watch a short preview of her episode of “Oprah’s Master Class” below. Be sure to tune into OWN on Sunday March 2nd at 10pm for the entire episode.


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