62-Year-Old Jermaine Jackson Brought His Girlfriend To A Red Carpet Event – She’s Only 22! (Pics Inside)  

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Jermaine Jackson just stepped out onto the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival with his 22-year old girlfriend on his arm. Jackson only divorced his wife of 12 years last June and fans are appalled at the age gap between the pop star and his new girlfriend.

The couple looked like something out of a fairy tale. Jermaine Jackson wore a prince-like ensemble, complete with gold shoulder pads. The 62-year-old Jackson Five icon wore his salt-n-pepper hair in a neat, close-cropped bouffant. He looks positively dapper. But the young woman on his arm was the one turning all the heads.


Maday Velázquez is a 22-year-old Cuba native. She began studying performing and modeling at a very young age and has found a lot of success.

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The stunning beauty wore a powder-blue Cinderella ball gown. The off-the-shoulder classic gown moved with her when she walked, making Maday Velázquez look every bit the part of Disney princess.


The couple looked very much in love as they posed for photographers on the red carpet. She wore her hair in a loose but formal up-do, all that was missing was the tiara and gloves.

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Some controversy does surround this couple besides the more-than 30 year age difference. It has been suggested that Jermaine and Mayday began dating before Jackson was officially divorced from his wife of 12 years Halima Rashid.

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Jackson’s marriage to Halima Rashid was good, at one point, both of them agreed, but things did not end well. Rashid was arrested on a domestic violence charge after biting her husband’s leg.


Charges were not filed, however, because police could not determine who the aggressor in the dispute was. They both released statements saying that they knew they would be better off if they weren’t married.

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Clearly Jermaine had no trouble moving on, because he has been dating Mayday ever since. It’s hard to imagine what a 62-year-old brother to a pop icon would have in common with a 22-year-old aspiring model.


It is easy to see what Velázquez sees in Jackson, though. He’s got a famous family, gets a large stipend doled out by his mother, provided by his brother, the late Michael Jackson.

Who knows? Maybe they’re as smitten as they look. One thing is for sure, though, they had that Prince Charming and Disney Princess on lock.

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