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14-Year-Old Willow Smith Causes an Uproar After Posting a ‘Topless’ Photo in Support of #FreeTheNipple — Is It Too Much? [Photo]

 96 CJanuary 23,  Early this morning, Willow Smith joined the #FreeTheNipple movement by posting a photo of herself wearing a shirt with exposed breasts on it. Now, the 14-year-old isn’t actually ‘topless’ in her photo like other women who have chosen to challenge censorship i.e. Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne, Madonna or Rihanna — but the fact that […]

[Video] Racist Woman Gets Taste Slapped Out Of Mouth By Fed-Up Guy

She obviously thought it was a game. However, she was left EXTRA quiet and holding her face once the man had enough of her blatant disrespect. NEW YORK, NEW YORK — When will folks learn the offensive severity of the word “n***er”? Some people think they’re untouchable, only to find out they’re just an arm’s reach […]

3 reasons men are choosing the transgender side chick

By Mo Barnes   |  August 2, 2017 8:20 AM EST  |   26 Bobby V -Photo Credit Jonell Whitt via Steed Media Men going to transgender escorts is nothing new and in countries like Brazil, it is common practice. The recent scandal involving R&B singer Bobby V has drawn attention to men who choose to have sex with transgenders. Bobby […]

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE IS REBRANDING AS A WHITE MAN The former *NSYNC singer is the latest pop star to embrace his “authentic” roots.

  A powerline stretches across a backdrop of golden fields. A stem of grain cuts through the sun shining in an empty forest. Justin Timberlake is cold and alone in the woods, staring at something we can’t see. Now he is kneeling in a snowy field, lost in thought and then a second later arms […]

Not Surprising Anyone: Celebrities Who Didn’t Even Need To Tell Us They Were Gay

Celebrities always feel the need to make these grandiose announcements to tell people they’re coming out of the closet. But the fact is, the closet seems pretty open half the time. These celebrities made the brave steps to tell us they were coming out of the closet, but, really, we knew all along. Still, congrats […]

Detroit People Feed up They came… They shut shit down…. They left…

shutting down a gas station for pulling a gun on a 13 year being accused of stealing a bag of chips. This Post Has Been Viewed 26 Times


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