Fashion, Flair and LifeStyle Show


Fashion, Flair and LifeStyle is a Radio Show to discuss Fashion and LifeStyles with a Flair.

I am your Host Osnita Norman of Pure Essence Resale Boutique and your Co-Host Denae Graves of Mattie x Idell.

 Our mission is to enhance ones perspective of Fashion, Style and Design.  Your Lifestyle is expressed everyday through your self-image or self-concept; based on how you see yourself and how you are seen by others.  

We are here to promote every aspect of a lifestyle as it relates to Fashion, Health, and Beauty

Allow your Style to be your conversation!  




If you are interested in being a guest on the show please respond with your email below and I will reach out with details!

We are here to help you reach your customers World Wide!
Just think people are watching current and old episodes on YouTube as we sleep!
Be an inspiration and motivate others in your sleep!
There is nothing like making money in your sleep!

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