Watch Keith Murray Talk About The Janky Promoters Who Didn’t Have The Money To Pay For Battle VS. Fredro Starr


    In an out of focus, but exclusive interview, Keith Murray gives up the real about why the battle with him and Fredro didn’t happen

    This past weekend, Def Squad originator Keith Murray and Onyx frontman Fredro Starr were scheduled to battle at the Atlanta Hip Hop Day, however somebody’s money was funny, so the duel of the mics between two seasoned vets never happened.

    MC Wars COO Amir James said all MCs on the bill, which also includes a battle between Bone Crusher and Texas strip club sensation Mike Jones, said that all of the artists were paid their advances, however, none of them were paid the remainder of what they were owed. Check out the video below of what “the most beautifulest MC” had to say about the situation.

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