Was Derek Fisher Worth It? Gloria Govan Loses Full Custody Of Her Boys To Matt Barnes



Matt Barnes just scored a colossal sized victory in his custody case against ex-wife Gloria Govan and was awarded sole physical and legal custody of their 10-year-old twins.

Barnes also got a restraining order against Govan that will extend through May 2020. But the order doesn’t include the children, named Carter and Isaiah, since the judge doesn’t believe she’ll be a threat to them.

Govan was also ordered to complete 26 anger management sessions, as well as 10 parenting classes.

Gloria Govan Lost Full Custody To Matt Banrnes, Did It Have Anything to Do With Derek Fisher?

She was charged with felony child endangerment, which eventually got dropped but some might say the arrest led to the court’s decision to award Barnes custody.

Another theory could be that Govan’s high-profile relationship to Derek Fisher didn’t help her case either since it brought a lot of negative attention. If you recall, after Govan and Barnes split, she began dating Fisher, who used to be Barnes’ friend.

Then in October of 2015, Barnes drove 95 miles to Los Angeles and attacked Fisher after his boys called him to say he was inside their home.

Now, based on the judge’s ruling, Govan will be allowed to see her boys every other weekend and gets to have dinner with them every Wednesday evening.

So far she’s remained silent about the decision, but Barnes posted a photo with his attorneys, expressed his gratitude and called them the “Dream Team.”

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