Ventradio sits down with hip hop recording artist, Looze Cannon (Interview)

    1126 staff writer,

    Big Trey

    Big Trey:  Why did you decide to do the record “New Jack Swing”?
    Looze: “I wanted to put out a overall feel good record, that everyone could get into. I come from a rough neighborhood, and the music where i’m from, is sending out the same message and same sound, so I just wanted to step out the box and have fun.”
    Big Trey:  Did Teddy Riley inspire you to make the New Jack Swing record?
    Looze: ” Teddy Riley was the first person I thought about when i came up with the title of the song, the style of the record is very different then the New Jack sound, back in the 90s, but the title was truly inspired by the filling that I got when I used to listen to the New Jack Swing in the 90s, just overall good music.
    Big Trey:  When did you first get into rapping seriously?
    Looze: ” I started rapping as soon as I could talk, music has been in my family for generations and its really something that I can’t explain in full detail, I just know that is was a gift I was blessed with, so if I had to put a timeline on my rap career, it started the day I was born.”
    Big Trey:  Quick question…are most of your lyrics based off of experience or imagination
    Looze: “Everything that I record comes from a real place and real situations. Out of my rap career so far i know I’ve made well over a thousand songs, and out of those thousands, only 1 record called no way out was a imagination record. I’m real with my music and myself.”
    Big Trey: Are you still interested in signing to a major label or is an indie label suited for you?
    Looze: ” I love the independent world of music and that’s where I come from, I’ve been signed before with Universal/Motown Records, and that experience was a whole different ball game than the independent world, but whose to say if the business is right, you never know. I’m all about the work being done right.”
    Big Trey: Who are you favorite rappers of all time?
    Looze: ” Nas, Kendrick Lamar. Jay-Z, Biggie, and one of the greatest, Tupac. Oh yeah and don’t forget, Looze Cannon.”
    Big Trey: We’ve seen a lot of different singles and videos out there. Is there an album or mixtape in the works?
    Looze: “I’ve been feeding my fans music back to back on Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks. I’ve dropped two mixtapes so far, “90s Baby” and “Looze Mobile”, but now i’m focusing on singles and than a album should be coming very soon.”
    Big Trey:  Best album you’ve ever heard?
    Looze: ” Michael Jackson’s Thriller.”
    Big Trey: Do you see your music being played how a Tupac or Biggie record will always be remembered?
    Looze: “I do what I like to call, “everybody music”, and I believe as I build my playlist of records, there will at least be 20 records you cannot go without.
    Big Trey: What inspires you?
    Looze: ” Family, God, me thinking of my future family and the kid whose out there right now trying to make his music feed him and everything he stands for.
    Big Trey: Other than rap, what else do you want people to know Looze Cannon for?
    Looze: ” I also am a DJ, I produce, I do graphic design, I went to college and received my film technician certification, so i’m looking to be a director for films and videos when the time is right, just know I have a lot under my belt, that the world will soon see.

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