Tyrese Sleeps With Male Movie Producers & Morris Chestnut Throws Male Sex Parties According To “Wild ‘N Out” Star

    Tyrese Sleeps With Male Movie Producers & Morris Chestnut Throws Male Sex Parties According To “Wild ‘N Out” Star

    “Don’t put your career in jeopardy that you gotta turn a trick to get a part.”  These are wise words shared by the hosts of Hood Box Office.

    The celebrity interview show got an explosive interview from “Wild ‘N Out” star Carlos “Spanky” Hayes, who spilled lots of tea on how Black actors are secretly on the down low.  He even mentioned names, kinda.  Instead of saying the names specifically, he addressed them by mentioning their movies or character names.

    Three names, in particular, were hinted.  While I am not surprised to hear Tyrese’s and Jamie Foxx’s names. The mentioning of Morris Chestnut blew me away, even though he is one of my top five crushes.

    on how Tyrese gave oral sex to get the lead role on “Baby Boy”:

    “I had an audition it was 30 stars there. There were so many stars there that I was like, I don’t fuckin’ belong here…Three weeks later, it was me and another person – now we’re the best two people that’s there. He gets up he reads, I’m thinking ‘Fuck, I’m not gonna get his.’ Then I get up and I read, and I shock myself. We both sit down and the [producer] said, ‘I love both of you guys, both of you are talented. But which one of you guys are gonna suck my cock.

    I bust out laughing because a muthafucka ain’t never talk to me like that. And what fucked me up though was that other dude wasn’t laughing…And I looked at both of them, and was like aww hell naw. And to keep it real, he got the leading role…Baby Boy.”  I am not surprised by this allegation as Tyrese is a card-carrying homophobe, and homophobes are nothing but undercover bisexual men in my book.

    on being hit on by Jamie Foxx:

    “I have been hit on by someone before, but I won’t say their name…Willie Beamen.” Foxx played Willie Beamen on the hit film Any Given Sunday.  Jamie Foxx gay rumors are legendary.  Thus, this one is not a shocker.

    on naked basketball games played at Morris Chestnut’s home:

    “I’m sure every man in this room has been to his house, but probably ain’t never seen what I saw. And, they were playing butt naked basketball…but I ain’t gonna say nothing else – Boyz In The Hood.”  Now, why in the hell I wasn’t invited to one-on-ones with Morris?  Hmph.

    Though Hayes did plenty of name-dropping, he mentioned about the not so lucky actors who performed same-sex sexual favors to advance:

    “It’s actors and comedians out there who gave blow jobs and didn’t get the part.”  Ouch!

    All the tea spills as soon as you press play on the video below.


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