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    // OCTOBER 15TH, 2014

    Tori Bleu – The Bleu Print

    Tori Bleu is a hip hop Recording Artist, Writer and Dancer from Detroit, Michigan, currently residing in Atlanta, GA. As a multi talented artist Tori is not only a student to her music craft she is also a real life student working on her Masters degree in. Tori is beautiful, classy, ambitions and humble. Always intrigued by the business Tori comes from a family of creative types musicians/artist. With this bond legacy is stronger than currency there are multiple years of knowledge at her fingertips as a resource. Over the year she has had exposure to multiple facets of the music and entertainment industry – it’s in her blood.

    Tori began with a passion for dance and acting then later evolved more towards music and writing. Though she spends most of her free time in the studio, she has published poetry and articles for several magazines. She tries to stay up on industry trends, opportunities and researching opportunities for her career and fan base. Connecting with fans and sharing her music, enjoys the steady work it requires, Branding herself as an artist is exciting to her. Tori knows that its coming and every opportunity she sees growth! On the strength and sheer notion of variety she is in the process of working on a few scripts, short stories, and a book co-authored with Bessie Johnson.

    Described as a “theatrical rapper” her only aspiration is to be successful using her GOD given talent. Radiating with sexiness, lyrically she is on point and her delivery is crisp – a definite skill to be reckoned with. Her style may remind you of other artist but she is different and not boxed in at all – she created her own lane in comparison to the current female rap artist. Honestly, the landscape could use a fresh voice and ambition as she navigates her way through the male-dominated music industry . Influenced by the legends Nicki Minaj, Foxy Bown, Lil Kim, she puts a twist to her craft and encompasses her own style. Her blunt delivery style, personality, and exotic look makes her a grab your attention! With so much area for creative opportunity, her journal is always close at hand, because she is constantly scribing another perfect song to add to the library of her body of work. On a constant grind – she is constantly fueling her passion and this keeps her balanced

    Look for Torie as she begins a small college tour to increase her brand and capture new fans from Atlanta to Seattle. Catch up with Tori live on as a host of HAVE A SEAT RADIO. Coming soon – her highly anticipated EP and other projects being spearheaded by her production company Dirtyboimusiz. Watch out for this shining star – Connect with her on social media and rock with her when she drops her next project. Tori Breams big but is focused, she is not chasing a deal, she is chasing longevity and her passion for music.

    Hiphoplead- Is Tori Bleu your actual name or is it made up for music?
    Tori Bleu – My first name is Tori, Bleu isn’t made up, I would say its destined…but yea its a stage name. Tori is a dope girl, bleu gives her that pit off the leash flavor…a dope b*tch.

    Hiphoplead- Other than just rhyming you have a advanced background in the industry. How would you rate your rapping, writing and dancing in the order of importance to you?
    Tori Bleu – I would say writing is first, rapping is second, then dancing. A few years ago I was dancing over everything but now writing is definitely first.

    Hiphoplead- Are you still interested in signing to a major label or is an indy label better suited for you?
    Tori Bleu – I will do whatever’s best for the brand, I would like to sign to a major label so that I can have that machine behind me, but with no limitations. Ya know, I just want the right deal, I wouldn’t take a deal just to say “I’m signed”. The indy route is where it’s at right now though.

    Hiphoplead- It seems that in Hip Hop there can’t be more then one popping female rapper at a time. Same thing with a white rapper. And anyone who comes into play already gets compared to the current leading artist. How do you think we in the hip hop culture can condition ourselves to accept more then one at a time?

    Tori Bleu – Honestly, I think shows like sisterhood of hip hop are needed, that show did a very good job of challenging that whole stereotype, which is very true. it showed that there can be more than 1! We have to listen to music as music, forget that this is a female, forget that this person is white, just vibe and enjoy the dope sound for a moment. For women we can have competition, but we have to support one another instead of trying to beef or throw shade to each other. I’m not coming in the game trying to kill every female rapper..if we are in a cypher or battle that’s cool, i’m not going to lose, but I’m coming in to join these ladies, learn, and give something to the game, not knock this chick out. She’s in her lane, I’m in mine, and we will cross paths and kill the game together….feel me?

    Hiphoplead- Most def! Who are you favorite rappers of all time?
    Tori Bleu – Can’t answer that question because it’s too difficult. No lie I love every female rapper! Unless she’s just garbage and I like a few male rappers but I’m a girls girl. I can tell you that my favorite rap album of all time is “Notorious K.I.M” and if you call the “Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill” a “rap album” then that too. My favorite rappers… it would change each time I answer because there are too many. I’m one of those “that’s my favorite song” everytime a song Ilike comes on type of people. I love music and artistry.

    Hiphoplead- How bout your top 5 female rappers of all time?
    Tori Bleu – Oooo.. at this very moment, which I gave the disclaimer that this may change 20 min from now,but aside from myself, I would say Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot, Eve, and ill leave the fifth slot open for me to swap out as I please… but usually I would say Lauryn Hill.

    Hiphoplead- When did you first get into dancing seriously?
    Tori Bleu – I’ve been dancing my entire life. Predominantly African and hip hop. I’ve traveled all around the country dancing as child. It would be easier to say when I stopped dancing seriously which was a few years ago.

    Hiphoplead- When did you realize making music was your calling and not just a hobby?
    Tori Bleu – I prayed about it and I just knew and this wasn’t too long ago. I never thought making music would be just a hobby but I thought I would be a songwriter. Myself being a rapper was more of where I had to come to that realization, like “oh shit, I’m really dope”. Everybody can’t do this and nobody can deliver this the way I want them too. All the sudden the stars started aligning and every day I receive confirmation that I’m following my path.

    Hiphoplead- We see you dropped a remix to “Heaven Or Hell”. For one what made you want to hop on the “I got 5 On It: influenced anthem and make it your own??
    Tori Bleu – Someone suggested I do a freestyle to it and I will keep it 100 when I heard the record I thought it was sooooo dope. My producer had told me I should write about some real shit, talk about Detroit, or growing up or something like that. I usually write fun stuff that makes you want to smile, laugh, feel good and dance… not think about life in that aspect. I can write anything so I did it, Looze Cannon hopped on with me and it turned out HOT.

    Hiphoplead- We’ve seen a lot of different singles and videos out there. Is there an album or mixtape in the works?

    Tori BleuYes, both. Ive really only been putting out freestyles and teasers because It’s so hard to pick

    that first record, but i’m working on both actually. The mixtape is pretty much done, timing is everything


    Hiphoplead- One song that really stood out to us was “No Flex Zone Remix”. That seemed like a stand out and really branded you as an artist with those hard bars and fast flow. For starts how did that song come about?

    Tori Bleu – I like to work with Banks (that’s who that dude is on the record with me), that’s my fam and we

    have done a few songs together. We had wanted to do one more for his mixtape and just something

    new we could do a video too. We sat down listened to some beats and he really wanted to do that song,

    he did his verse in like 15min, and he said you have to go first, I’m sick of going first, so I’m like, “okay cool I’m bout to bring this shit in right”, it took me like a day to write that short verse. I think we recorded that next weekend but didn’t really let anybody hear it, we shot the video the next weekend and the internet went bananas.

    When you were writing your lyrics on this joint you really seemed aggressive. It was def more Remy Ma than Missy Elliot. Most of the time when you pick up that pen is it an aggressive mindstate it puts you in or more relaxed?

    Tori Bleu – I vibe off the track, I work well with concepts and video ideas in mind when I write. When I’m writing there is a whole production behind everything that I am writing going on in my head.  I see the vision, I hear my ad libs, I see expressions, I know what I want the crowd to do, I know if your riding in the car when you will turn the song up or when you skip to the next track. I know how I want my track to make you feel cause I write with sooo much going on in my mind but not so much as aggression or relaxation, it’s like I write to put on a show and give energy but it’s not always how I’m feeling when I wrote it, if that makes sense.

    Hiphoplead- In “No Flex Zone” you wrote some lyrics that might damage some fellas pride (laughs), you said, “you asked me out but I was busy/ I curved you bruh, I was chillen, word!”.  Ok lets keep it funky, how often are females really curving the fellas like this (laughs)?

    Tori Bleu – Niggas get curved everyday B (laughs). I’m Just playing… but I don’t know that’s like breaking girl code. If you feel like you’re getting curved, your prolly getting curved! Could be every day, once a week, 2 times a month, just respect the curve, that’s all I can say.

    Hiphoplead- Quick question …are most of your lyrics based off of experience or imagination?

    Tori Bleu – Both! Sometimes it can be experience but not my own but I have a very vivid and crazy imagination so I write and tell stories, and some are just that…a story.

    Hiphoplead- You seem to have a niche for taking some popular songs and making them your own. Do you enjoy remixing more than creating original material? ?

    Tori Bleu – I would say I can remix a lot faster than creating my own material more. Mainly because the song is done and I can easily write what I would have said and done differently to make it even hotter! So I do that more often. But I like writing and creating my own music. It’s just hard because not everyone always gets my vision, most people are not as imaginative as me. Once I can make my own beats, and mix my own music, its OVER! The weirdo’s, misfits, bad bitches, stoners, trap boyz, dj’s and everybody gone go crazy!

    Hiphoplead- Where do you want to go artistically that you haven’t yet?

    Tori Bleu – I’m a new artist and I hope to take myself very far artsitically, I have a long way to go and im more then ready for the journey.

    Hiphoplead- We know you rep Detroit, but also live in the Atlanta now. Which city is more Tori, the D or the A?

    Tori Bleu – I can’t answer that…(laughs). I love Michigan, Detroit, Lansing, and Ypsilanti. I’ve lived in, and I represent for,  all three but I lovvvvvvvveeeee Atlanta.

    Hiphoplead- Both music scenes are totally different. Which one do you enjoy more?

    Tori Bleu – I really haven’t been in the Detroit music scene like that as an Artist, though I have contemplated moving back for a few months just to vibe with the city, but Detroit is about to blow! It’s a lot of talent coming out of there and I LOVE IT! Atlanta is dope too! I enjoy both the music scenes but they are different, it’s all music though.

    Here at we like to ask some questions a bit out the norm to give our readers a broader outlook on you. So fasten your seat belts… here we go..

    Hiphoplead- What’s your favorite food?

    Tori Bleu – I’m not a burger and fries type of chicK, I like a full meal and I don’t

    have a favorite food, I have a favorite..I cant think of how to say it right now….culture?..(Laughs) first it would be Jamaican, then Mexican, then Chinese, then whatever else.

    Hiphoplead- Tell me one of the craziest things you ever did?

    Tori Bleu – I do a lot of crazy stuff but I guess when I mooned my entire apartment complex. I was dared to stand in the balcony window face down, booty up for 6minutes. Never dare me to do anything because unless it will kill someone, I’ll do it.

    Hiphoplead- Is Nicki Minaj in her prime a better female emcee then Remy Ma in her prime?

    Tori Bleu – Their prime is at two different times for music, so looking at it like that yes…Nicki has got a lot more to work with then Remy did in her “prime”.  You would have to ask them that cause I don’t even know what their “prime” is to them, Remy might now even feel that she has reached her “prime” yet so I don’t know. I just hope they both salute a young girl coming up worried about her own “prime”.

    Hiphoplead- Coke or Pepsi?

    Tori Bleu – Coke..all day

    Hiphoplead- If you could be trapped on an island with any celeb for a week, who would it be?

    Tori Bleu – It would depend on what else is on this island..but I would say Beyonce cause she isn’t going anywhere without Jay z these days and they could teach me soooo much. They would have a

    studio flown in and it only takes Beyonce a few days to make a whole album and that’s her juugsh so we would definitely create hits and I would learn SO MUCH! That would be the experience of a lifetime!

    Hiphoplead- Best album you ever heard?

    Tori Bleu – Can NOT answer that!

    Hiphoplead- Tell us a hidden talent Tori has?

    Tori Bleu – Hidden talent? Man people get money for everything these days, any talent I have will not be hidden, it will be exposed, but I’m a ventriloquist and my friends and old people always think I’m funny. So I guess I’m a slick comedian.

    Hiphoplead- If you could abolish any rappers music career in the game that annoys the hell out of you who would it be?

    Tori Bleu – No rapper annoys me to the point that I want to abolish them…that’s like mad rude, like stoning someone. I’m sure there is someone I would smack the hell out of but it would take me

    a minute to remember who cause I don’t usually keep that kind of wackness readily on the brain.

    Back to the norm ..

    Hiphoplead- After listening to you for a while it’s apparent that a diverse flow is important to you. How do you feel about the complex flow element of the game kind of drifting off over the years?

     Tori Bleu – I’m not one of those rappers that will say hip hop and rap is dead. I don’t feel like that. I feel like people are just making music and if it sounds good, play it, if its wack skip over it or make something hot. But yea diversity is very important to me, it makes it difficult for me to put myself in this one Genre everybody seems to think I need to be in…but I can’t lie, I love soooo much music. Don’t get me wrong some music (rap) is straight garbage, but I don’t dwell on it, I’m going to come out with something hot and that’s what I’m focused on.

    Hiphoplead- Any official videos on the way?

    Tori Bleu – Yea, stay tuned.

    Hiphoplead- Any features worth mentioning?

    Tori Bleu – I have some features lined up but I can’t speak on it just Yet.

    Hiphoplead- Name one song of yours that will have the HHL viewers hooked?

    Tori Bleu – “Kiss Of Death”.

    Hiphoplead- With that said it was great chopping it up with you. This is the part where the floor is yours .. so give any plugs, shout outs, F.U.’s .. whatevers clever….

    Tori Bleu – Follow me on everything @ToriBleu, shoutout everybody that’s rockin with me and if you dont F with me like big Sean said I dont F wit u. Detroit what up doe? I’m just playing, but forreal I have love for everybody and thank you for the interview.

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