Tone AK Scott says its the Same Difference (VIDEO)


Written by Big Trey Vent Staff

Just got off the phone with Tone AK Scott, and we wanted to talk to him about his new single and video, “Same Difference”. We just got done viewing the new Tone Scott video, and I think this joint is kinda hot. It’s a hip-hop track with strong R&B under tones, with a little help from his boys Pooh Bear & Sean Lee. The best thing that I can say about this joint is that it doesn’t sound like your typical Detroit rap record, if you know what I mean. It’s a world class production with a great visual to boot. We are picking this as this months independent video of the month, but like always we want to know what are readers and viewers think about this song. The song has been getting many requests on and Rave Reviews on some of the top blog sites on the internet. So take a look at the video and tell us what you think, leave comments below and we will be sure to pass this info back to Tone AK Scott and his record label. Remember at VentRadio we always look to break new records and bring new talent to the forefront of the music industry. It seems that Detroit vs Everybody is starting to become a real concept, because for the first time in years I can say that we are finally getting music with some substance, this is a fun record in are opinion, but what really counts is what you, are listeners and viewers have to say.


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