This Video Proves You Should NOT Ask Jay-Z About Donald Trump


This Video Proves You Should NOT Ask Jay-Z About Donald Trump

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Jay-Z is NOT here for your Donald Trump discourse.

On Wednesday, the 47-year-old rapper was at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah for a Q&A about his Kalief Browder documentary when a reporter asked him a question about POTUS.

“Not going to answer that,” Jay-Z replied curtly — and executive producer Harvey Weinstein immediately shut down the entire interview.

Jay-Z openly supported Democratic presidential candidate nominee Hillary Clinton throughout the campaign, and even threw a concert on her behalf a few days before the election.

As the NY Daily News noted, Jay-Z’s endorsement didn’t sit well with Trump, who criticized the rapper’s profane lyrics shortly after the concert.

“He used every word in the book,” Trump said at the time. “I won’t even use the initials because I’ll get in trouble. They’ll get me in trouble.”

Though Trump eventually said he actually liked Jay-Z, the feeling doesn’t seem to be mutual.

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