The Game breaks down in tears over Nipsey Hussle’s death, calls shooter a “coward”



 // Apr 1, 2019

The Game // Artist Instagram

As the tributes for Nipsey Hussle continue to pour in, one person who is having a hard time processing the shocking news is fellow Los Angeles rapper The Game.

On Monday morning (April 1), The Game went for a drive and took to Instagram to share his thoughts about Hussle’s tragic passing. “Over here driving down Slauson [Avenue] man, four in the morning man, [because] I can’t sleep behind what happened to Nip,” he says before becoming audibly emotional in a clip uploaded by TMZ. “Why n—as do the homie like that man?” the 39-year-old asks, adding “At his own motherf—king shop. In his own f—king hood, man. Just trying to do good for n—s man. S—t [is] crazy man.”

He continued, “I can’t even fucking sleep man. I’m disgusted by this s—t. That’s how y’all do the homie? In his own city? In his own hood? In his own place of business? That’s how n—s do n—s, man? LA in some bulls—t, homie. On me!” he shouts, as heard below.

The West Coast rapper also took to Instagram to modify an earlier post he uploaded on Sunday (March 31) which eerily foreshadowed Hussle’s death. “If you love someone tell them now because one day they’ll be gone forever,” the black and white post read.

“Just posted this when I woke up this morning because it was on my heart to do so…. not knowing, hours later my friend would be shot & killed in front of his own store,” The Game recaptioned the post.

The Game (real name Jayceon Terrell Taylor) also called out the perpetrator who fatally shot Hussle, adding, “Everything he did for “Crenshaw & Slauson” & that’s where my n— was murdered? Sick to my f—kin stomach right now! Coward s—t on me! This can’t be life!”

In another heartfelt post, The Game reminisced about his friendship with Hussle. The 1992 rapper revealed Hussle (real name Ermias Ashedom) handed him a demo 12 years ago asking him to “give a young n—a [an] ear.” He says the two had plans to release new music together this Summer.

“I keep seeing your name in these headlines bro, but it seems unreal to me…. like, I just cannot believe you gone! I love you….. I’m really broken & saddened by the fact they did this to you,” he wrote. “I can only imagine what your family is going through right now… This was not how your life on earth was supposed to end! They don’t even make friends like you no more.”

The Game ended his post declaring that he is “ashamed” of Los Angeles. “How we let this happen?” he asked. “Can’t even live out ya whole life in this city no more… this shit right here is just krazy to me!” Keep reading to see his post in full ahead.


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