Texas Man sets Mother on Fire and Holds Hostages at Nearby School


    Snapped!!! George James Bradley set his mother on fire on Monday May 9th then preceded to a nearby school where he held school officials hostage at knife point.

    Bertha Bradley was doused in gasoline and then set ablaze by her son George, before he turned his rage on school officials at the nearby Rise Academy charter school. Mrs. Bradley was brought to the University Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas, where she suffered third degree burns and was listed in critical condition. Tommy Torres, the victim’s next-door neighbor said “It was an awful outcry and she ran to my apartment and someone banged on my apartment and I saw she was on fire … she ran around her apartment complex looking for help from neighbors.” Torres also said that it wasn’t unusual for George to threaten his mother as he frequently did so.

    Audrey Saldivar a school administrator told the Associated Press that Bradley walked into the office and told the secretary that he had killed his mother and requested that she call 911 then preceded to pull out a knife and lock the office door. “It was just random … We didn’t know what was happening” Mrs. Saldiva said. Superintendent Richard Baumgartner, founder of the school said he was walking by the office as Bradley locked the door, he says he snuck into a back door to the office when he heard the outcry of a teacher that was locked in a room with Bradley, “I heard screams, and realized someone else was still in there, so I started kicking the door open … I just reacted to an instinct. I made a split-second decision, because I knew he had a knife and there was somebody in there screaming for their life. I just thought that I had to enter that space and prevent violence being done.” Baumgartner saved and unnamed teacher from being sexually assaulted by Bradley, he says” He was more aggressive and said he would kill her. We had a stand off in the office, and he came at me with a knife. Fortunately I just got a scrape.”

    What would prompt someone to set their own mother on fire and attack people? is he crazy? that remains to be seen.

    Source: foxnews.com

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