T.I. Talks About Why He Doesn’t Rap About Money or Popping Bottles Anymore


T.I. stopped by The Whoolywood Shuffle” on Shade 45 to discuss race relations in America, police brutality, and why he decided to focus more on socially conscious rap music.

“It was just the consistent, repeated, disregard for human life,” T.I. said. “It made me feel like if ain’t nobody else saying anything surely I can’t sit back and just expect to go on talking about popping bottles or wearing jewelry.”

He also touches on the current relationship between black people and police officers. “It’s the way the travesties are handled because of course in any society you’re going to have legal mishaps,” notes T.I. before discussing the troubling part of it all. “It’s almost as though no one even considers the thought of accountability. It’s almost like, ‘Yeah, what are you gonna expect? Of course, he’s gonna get off. It’s a black guy and a cop.’ It’s just complete disregard for basic human rights.”

The rapper has been very outspoken about the current problems plaguing Black America. He recently called out Floyd Mayweather for his “socially irresponsible” comments about “All Lives Matter.”

Watch the interview above

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