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T.I. Salutes Big Meech and Advocates for BMF Leader’s Release



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T.I. recently shared audio from Big Meech speaking on the topic of entertainers wanting to portray a lifestyle of glitz and glamour similar to that of mythologized drug kingpins such as himself. Meech went on to say that he believes the “American Dream” is living like you’re “selling kilos.” T.I. opined on Meech’s comments and offered up his support for his release from prison in the caption where he wrote:

And now a word from my Patna…
King Zippo Da Goat 🐐… FREE BIG MEECH!!!! We still Miss U Bro!!!! One of the most strategic minds & the biggest hearts I’ve ever encountered. True American Legend.✊🏽Remember when I told you I thought maybe you should slow down & cool off out here when we were both getting out da joint… u told me “Nah Tip,I knew what I signed up for… I dedicate my LIFE to da game!!!! If they on methey on me…But I bet cash money that I BALL like a Dog til da day they come get me!!!!” Had to respect that. Then and NOW!!!! #salute

Check out the audio of Meech above.


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