Suge Knight Tells Rick Ross “I’m Going To Beat The Dog Sh*t Out Of You”!


    Suge Knight recently fired off shots in an interview that could start trouble. He took a a shot at Rick Ross saying:

    “Rick Ross, you know you owe that bread titty man. I’m gonna beat the dog s*t out of you,” he said. “I’m the first n**a had the bald head and the beard from ‘Bompton’.”

    He went on, “I got a show It Ain’t Smart Being Stupid. I’m going to invite Rick Ross on there – that ain’t his real name, whatever. If he can get me, I’m going to shave my motherf*king beard. But when I beat his motherf*king ass, kick him square in his motherf**king ass and play with his titties, he need to shave his beard and go back to the police that he is.” This could get ugly.

    He went on to target Jimmy Iovine saying “It’s not about the negativity. Don’t give [Kendrick Lamar] a bad deal, and say you’re going to sell him for a dollar. Show him that he has really has a great deal, because it’s not about you,”Suge says. “Stop being a motherf**king foot solider for Jimmy Iovine. Don’t be no slaves.”

    Hmmm.. He’s just coming for everyone.


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