Seahawks Fans Are Urging QB Russell Wilson To Bench Girlfriend Ciara So She Doesn’t Jeopardize The Superbowl For Seattle…



Stevie Wonder said it best:

When you believe in things that you don’t understand,
Then you suffer,
Superstition ain’t the way, yeh, yeh

Are you superstitious? Maybe all of us are a little bit. But Seattle Seahawk fans are taking it to the next level. Fans are blaming on Ciara for the bad luck the team has been having recently. Just last year they were in the Superbowl, albeit the lost to the Patriots. Now this year they’re loosing to….well almost half the teams they play. They want their fearless leader, quarterback Russell Wilson, to break up with the singer who they believe is bringing bad luck to his ‘A’ game.

Some fans believe that Russell performs better when he’s not distracted by his love life. Now they do have one thing correct, Ciara is so incredibly hot that any man having to keep a vow of celibacy with her would be….well way to freaking distracting. But we digress….

Seahawks’ fans are pointing to the recent success that Future, Ciara’s ex (and baby’s daddy), has had with his mixtapes since splitting from the gorgeous singer after calling it quits.

This is not the first time fans have thought their sports heroes were getting a streak of bad luck from their partners. Jessica Simpson was blamed for cursing Tony Romo’s game for the Dallas Cowboys. And on the male front, just recently Drake took a major hit for causing Serena Williams the championship run in tennis as she got stopped cold from her journey for clinching the Grand Slam.

So, we ask you — do you believe in superstitions? Should the Seahawks QB bench his lovely lady until after the superbowl? Or, should he simply up his ‘A’ game? Holla back in the comments below.


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