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Recordings Reveal Suge Knight May Have Attempted to Bribe Witnesses


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Article Image: Recordings Reveal Suge Knight May Have Attempted to Bribe Witnesses

Prosecutors working the impending Suge Knight murder trial are accusing Knight and his attorney, Matthew Fletcher, of attempting to pay people to provide false testimony on behalf of the fallen music executive. The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office charge that transcripts from a series of phone conferences between Knight, Fletcher, Knights business partner Mark Blankenship and his fiancee Toi-Lin Kelly reveal a plot to procure witnesses for his defense who would give fabricated accounts in exchange for money.

Fletcher appears to be the party responsible for introducing the idea on the recordings. “I’ll pay anything. If we can get the two or three versions from the bikers on tape,” he is cited as saying during one conversation. “It’s going home time. Right? That’s a fair motherf***ing investment, you know, 20, 25 thousand dollars to pay to these motherf***ers to get home.” Upon learning of the recordings, the prosecution reportedly tapped an informant to solicit Knight, who then allegedly put him in contact with his lawyer. Attorney Fletcher is said to have then offered the informant money to give false testimony.

Because Knight would contact Fletcher through his partner or fiancee, who’d connect them via conference call, their communication is no longer confidential. Fletcher maintains that there was never any wrongdoing on the calls, telling the New York Daily News that they “were sending people out to try to find versions of the videotape” of the 2015 killing of Terry Carter, and that they never paid anyone. However, the prosecution insists that the opposite is true.

“The defendant and Fletcher knew that to secure this testimony, money would have to exchange hands,” one prosecutor reportedly told the publication. “This is the essence of bribery: to influence a witness in exchange for him providing material testimony in a criminal proceeding.”

Source: latimes.com

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