Raven Symone FINALLY Responds To Backlash From Social Media & Says THIS


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After making an offensive comment in reference to “ghetto” names on The View last week, Raven Symone has caught just about as much heat as Donald Trump has been catching throughout his entire presidential campaign.

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Social media is where Raven felt the brunt of the backlash because folks were using the medium to give their brutally honest opinions to voice what they think about her and her sometimes ill-informed views. I think this recent backlash was a building process ever since folks first got wind of Raven’s true thought process after she went on the Oprah Show a while back and made it known that she did not want to be viewed as African American (although that is what she is), nor that she did not want to be viewed as gay (although that’s what she has openly stated that she and her girlfriend are). Now people are simply fed up and they spoke out about it…LOUDLY.In fact, they spoke so loud that after about 4 days or so, Raven felt the pressure to finally issue a public apology and attempt to explain where she was coming from. So here it is…

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