Nick Cannon Says Keep Your Kids Away From Hollywood


TMZ caught up with Nick Cannon at the airport and asked him if he thinks Hollywood does enough to protect children, more specifically child actors. “Absolutely not” he responded while shaking his head. “It’s horrible. I wouldn’t advise anybody to put their kids into the workforce.”

As many recall, Cannon was a child actor himself, starring in television shows and films during the early 2000’s. “…I was grown though. I had already been arrested five times by the time I was on TV”, Cannon tells the cameraman in regards to his career beginnings.

Cannon isn’t shy about voicing his opinion. According to The Source, the entertainment mogul said that he will be keeping his personal business off Instagram. “…Instagram is making all this money, all these billions … They’re making so much money and we’re just offering our personal lives up”, Cannon said in an interview. He backed up his statement by deleting all of his photos from Instagram. Moving forward, Cannon says that he will only use Instagram for business and promotional purposes.


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