Mike Tyson To Chris Brown: “You Got To Get It Together” [VIDEO]


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    If there’s anyone who knows about making mistakes through violent actions, it’s Mike Tyson. Due to his unorthodox upbringing, the former heavyweight boxing champing has seen his share of prison time as a result of his actions. Now that he’s older and wiser, he’s looking at sharing the wisdom.

    Chris Brown’s recent dustup in the news is an easily relatable topic so naturally it came up during Tyson’s conversation with 95.5 PLJ.

    Seeing the big picture, Iron Mike replied, “If he keeps getting these violent cases, assault here and assault here, he’s going to get put somewhere where all they do is assault people.”

    It was very well put and even Mike seemed to be taken aback from the knowledge-of-self he dropped, seeing that when he was around Chris Brown’s age when he was convicted of rape and sent to prison.

    “If you’re not humble in this world, this world will thrust humbleness on you,” Tyson continued, obvious that he knows the troubles that come when fame and pressure collide.

    Mike Tyson’s Undisputed airs in a couple of weeks on HBO and here’s a sneak peek to get you engaged as well. Hit the flip to see Mike Tyson’s words of wisdom for Chris Brown.

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