Meek Mill Responds to Trick Daddy: OGs Call People Instead of Going Online


Meek Mill was trending again this week, but not just because he released his third studio album, Wins and Losses. That’d be too easy. Trick Daddy jumped into the mix, uploading a video giving the Philadelphia rapper a mouthful. Trick told him he’d lost it ever since he “lost” Nicki and revoked Meek’s “visa” to Miami.

Meek addressed those comments during an interview at Philly’s Power 99 FM.
“I come from Philadelphia, all our OGs, they don’t get on Instagram where we’re from. If they wanna say something to somebody, they get in contact with them and say it to them. Especially when it’s that type of level of anger,” he stated.

What do you think about Meek’s response?


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