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Meek Mill Responds to Michael Rapaport Calling Him “Trash”



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Meek Mill responded to Michael Rapaport calling him “trash” on Twitter, writing, “Aye @michealrapaport don’t ever use the word trash when you speaking on nothing from our culture unless you tryna get trashed #2 who gave you authorization to be speaking on us? #3 what you charging now? Last time I seen You you wanted a selfie be great tho on the net.”

He added, “And I don’t follow him or know his name I’m happy I didn’t @ him right lol. I never liked you since you played remy on the roof top… I kinda been on ya ass anyway lol.”

Original 02/18/2019 12:13pm:

Although Meek Mill is universally regarded as one of the hottest rappers in the game, one critic doesn’t seem to be all that impressed with the Philly emcee’s skills, and he let the world know how he really felt last night during the All-Star Game. During Meek Mill’s pre-game performance, comedian and actor Michael Rapaport publicly questioned if Meek had a hearing impairment, considering that he supposedly has a hard time “staying on beat.”

“Meek Mill have a hearing problem?,” Rapaport wrote in his initial tweet, “Because he rhymes off the actual beat on everything he’s on. Literally off the beat, like NoFlow.”

From there, Rapaport took on his own critics to double down and triple down on his bold statement, ultimately calling Meek a “trash rapper with a great story.” Later on, he condemned Meek for being non-competitive in his battle against Drake, while suggesting that out of 300 Meek Mill songs, approximately 5 would be “OK.”

Eventually, Rapaport even shifted his vitriol to the bloggers who disagreed with him, writing: “Anyone of you Hip Hop Bloggers, writers and Podcasters mad about my #MeekMill reality never been to the Rooftop. Not one of you cornballs know what I’m talking about.”

To conclude his statements, Rapaport went on to say that Meek wasn’t even Top 20 in his own city, while then posting an old photo of himself courtside with Meek and Nicki Minaj, stating: “All Hip Hop Bloggers & Culture Critics Who Know all about Hip Hop but have Know Idea who Sparky D is, not one of you is on my level with any of this s***.”

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