Medium Tells Lil Kim That She Was Biggie’s “Soulmate”


On an upcoming episode of E! Entertainment’s hit show Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the show’s host, an alleged clairvoyant medium, claims he’s in communication with Biggie Smalls from beyond the grave. Sitting across from him during the taping is none other than Big’s former flame Lil Kim.

“And when he comes through he acknowledges a reference to music,” Henry tells Kim. “He’s sharing a legacy being continued on. And then he is having me reference a dedication, but in a musical sense. And it comes through. Now the interesting thing is that he acknowledges this hasn’t been done yet. And he feels like he’s involved in it.”

Apparently thrilled by the news, Kim reveals that she’s currently working on a record featuring the late Brooklyn rapper.

“It’s amazing because right now I’m working on music for him. But he’s on the record. And it’s just a beautiful connection. And it’s all for the love of him,” she says.

Henry then tells Kim that the person he’s in contact with is adamant about being her “soulmate.”

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Source: YouTube

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