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Mayweather Shuts Down Reporter Asking If He’s Friends with Trump



Floyd Mayweather wants the world to know that he and Donald Trump are not “friends.”

The retired boxer has previously been very chump with the president, visiting Trump soon after he won the election and posting a photo of them together on his Twitter account. Mayweather also attended Trump’s inauguration ceremony while many other celebrities chose to stay away. Mayweather was also supportive during Trump’s scandal when an “Access Hollywood” video was released of him talking about grabbing women by the pu–y; Mayweather commented that it was something a “real man” says.

Despite all that, Mayweather says he and the POTUS aren’t real friends and he doesn’t want his name involved in anybody’s situation when TMZ asked him about Trump disinviting the Philadelphia Eagles from visiting the White House.

“Friends is a strong word,” Floyd said then proceeded to point out a couple guys around him that are actually his friends, while Trump is more casual.

“I know a lot of people. I knew Barack Obama. I know Donald Trump. I know a lot of people.”

Apparently, the champ just wants to enjoy his retirement. The usually vocal boxer appeared over everything and doesn’t want his name mentioned at all.


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