Mathew Knowles Reveals Involvement in Destiny’s Child Success


VladTV recently caught up with Mathew Knowles, who spoke about his new book, The DNA of Achievers. The manager of Destiny’s Child also gave us the ten traits that makes someone an achiever, and how he used some of the traits to further the success of the Grammy-award winning girl group.

First off, Mathew says that the ten traits he lays out “start and end with passion,” and he added that having a vision, work ethic, and leadership also go in to making a highly successful person. Thinking outside of the box was another one of the traits that are important, and Mathew shared how he used this trait to his advantage while managing Destiny’s Child.

After revealing that he was more into branding and endorsement than the music industry, Mathew revealed how he utilized his passion to help make “No, No, No,” a number one hit record. He shared a story about doing the “unheard of” and putting the Wyclef remix on the album, along with two versions of the song, which counted as one song each when played on the radio.

To hear more about Mathew’s thoughts on success and achievement, hit the above clip.

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