K.Michelle Revealed Relationship With R.Kelly & Confirmed One Rumor About Him

Posted On : July 22, 2017
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ILOSM family, we have some very interesting news to share with you today. Some of you may have heard this, but if many of y’all are like us, here at ILoveOldSchoolMusic, and did not get K. Michelle’s album, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart, then you probably missed this tidbit of info. Nah…let me rephrase that…you missed this bombshell revelation she dropped on her album. *Scroll down to see watch her speak on this*

We all know that K. Michelle was dating actor, Idris Elba, because damn near every interview she did during the promotion of her album, she talked about him. What many of us didn’t hear her speaking on much, was her past relationship with R.Kelly- the man who’s been getting bashed by an angry family in the media lately.

Turns out Mr. “Bump N’ Grind” let K.Michelle’s ‘pretty round, brown drive him wild’ for a while, according to K.. We came across some concert footage of K. Michelle telling all of her and Kellz’s business to the audience. Her revelation confirmed one of the rumors that has recently been circulated by the families of a two young women (of legal age).

Watch K. Michelle Talk About Dating R. Kelly At Her Show

In her performance, K. Michelle went down a laundry list of qualities she typically looks for in a man before dating them: good credit, no baby mommas, a man who only has eyes for her, a big heart and a “big sausage” to go with it (her words, not our’s). She alluded that she’d found her main quality- the “big sausage”- in the celebs she’s dated, but never found ALL of the qualities she wants in just one of them.

She then went on to perform her song, “Build A Man,” and showed pictures of the famous men she was in relationships with, on the screen behind her. When she got to R. Kelly, she confirmed the rumor that he had ‘controlling’ ways during their relationship. Here’s part of what she said at the 2:36 mark of the video below:

“There was Kellz…he adored me, loved to hear me sing, but controlled me.”

You can check out the full song below…

Families’ Allegations Of R. Kelly ‘Controlling’ Young Women

The topic of Kelly controlling K. stood out because that is one of the same complaints the families of two young ladies- who are reportedly living with Kelly and in a ‘relationship’ with him- recently made about him. Family members believe that although the women are young adults, staying at R.Kelly’s homes on their own accord, Kelly is still somehow ‘controlling’ them.

One family member said Kelly controls the women by taking their mobile phones when they’re inside his homes and pampering them with a lavish lifestyle, expensive gifts, and trips to make them so dependent on him, that they don’t even want to leave. The other family- of 21 year old Joycelyn Savage– claimed she is brainwashed by R. Kelly and allows him to keep her from her family- a claim Jocelyn has adamantly denied. R. Kelly has also denied all of the claims the family members have made to the media and threatened to sue.

Geesh! R.Kelly has a lot going on- K. Michelle, families blasting him in the media, two alleged houses filled with young-but legal-women. By age 50, a man typically has already scaled down the amount of sexual adventures and side pieces he’s ‘keeping.’ Guess Kellz may not be ready to make that transition just yet. Police have also checked into the ‘sex cult’ allegations at the parents’ request and found no wrongdoing on Kelly’s part. So, as long as NOTHING ILLEGAL is going on behind closed doors, it’s a free country and I’ll leave that controversy between R. Kelly and his many alleged ‘tender-roni girlfriends,’ I suppose. Thoughts ILOSM family?

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