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Iggy Azalea Tweets Response to Q-Tip’s Hip-Hop History Lesson: “I Find it Patronizing”



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Iggy Azalea had choice words for Q-Tip on Twitter earlier today. Iggy, who’s currently embroiled in a war of words with Azealia Bankshas received threats from hacker groupAnonymous, and who recently flipped off booing fans in New York, took to Twitter to respond to Q-Tip’s hip-hop history lesson that he gave her over the weekend.

Tip, who seemed concerned by the discussion swirling around Iggy’s obliviousness to the concept of cultural appropriation in hip-hop and pop, provided her (and all of us, frankly) with a brief, but multi-faceted socioeconomic and geopolitical map of hip-hop. Her response took two days, and isn’t even much of a response, but in all its glory, its embeded below.

Considering the neutrality in the tone of Tip’s lesson, her tweets read more as an underhanded swing (it’s all about @ or dap to the death, fam) than anything of substance. Q-Tip was providing context, not chastisement, but as we’ve seen before with Iggy and her Twitter, her retorts remain self-coddling and off target.

UPDATE: Just as Lupe Fiasco anticipated, his mentions were flooded after Iggy’s tweet named him. He’s now hitting back:

UPDATE: Azealia Banks has now chimed in on the situation and Iggy’s response to Q-Tip’s hip-hop lesson. Her full list of tweets can be seen below.

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