Ghost Beats: 10 Dr. Dre Co-Producers Who Deserve More Credit



    BY BEWARE / 04.08.14

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    There’s no argument against Dr. Dre’s status as one of Hip-Hop’s most talented and influential producers. His sample-based funk with N.W.A. laid the foundation for rap’s most prominent sub-genre and the follow-up records he made on Death Row and Aftermath established his palace atop the once-barren plot. Yet, for all the strings the Good Doc has pulled in order to orchestrate some of the biggest songs in music history, there have been numerous producers who helped the Grammy-award winner craft his hits along the way.

    To give these contributors more of the credit they rarely receive and reinforce the fact that even the biggest names in the business don’t act alone, we’ve compiled this list of ten producers who helped establish the Good Doc’s impeccable track record.

    Sam Sneed, Nas, Dr Dre


    Dre Melman

    neff-u eminemdawaun doc dre

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