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Faith Evans Opens Up about Tupac’s Infamous Sexual Advance (Watch)


Jan 2, 15 by Deron Dalton 11 Comments

faith evans, tupac shakur,*Faith Evans detailed an encounter she had with Tupac Shakur in her 2008 autobiography, “Keep The Faith: A Memoir,” and it turned some heads.

Evans recorded “Wonda Why They Call U Bitch” with the late rap icon. And afterwards, she stopped by his hotel room to collect her payment of $25,000.

And that’s when he made a sexual advance towards her. He asked her for oral sex she revealed to Vlad TV — recounting the scenario.

“In a very surprising, and offensive way, for sure,” Evans said. “By that time I think it was pretty clear to me that that was kind of like a plan. Like, ‘You’ve been got.’ I allowed myself to be played and get into this situation, because this is totally not how I operate.”

She added, “that ain’t how I do business and that was not up for discussion. I was in LA to make my money. I’m very much about the coins.”

She was oblivious to doing a song with Tupac who was signed to Death Row given the beef with Bad Boy until a couple of years later.

“In my mind and in my heart, I didn’t know what I was walking into,” she said. “That’s one time that being so headstrong it didn’t serve me so well. It was a bad choice, but I didn’t know until then.”

Watch her interview with Vlad TV below:


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