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Drake Responds to Toronto Rapper Dissing Him, Shares Their DMs


Breanna Chi’anne

Contributing Writer

Drake’s never backed down from beef and this time is no different.

Drizzy publicized DMs between him and Toronto rapper, KG. It seems like the two go way back to before Drake popped. KG took advantage of his connection with the Grammy-winning artist to send him some music. Things eventually took a turn when there was no word on what he thought about the tracks.

KG, then, took to his IG story to show off a diss song he made using the beat for Drake’s “Hype.” The fresh-faced musician went off calling the solo artist “gay” and accusing him of being a “d**k rider.” Of course, the “Free Smoke” artist stuck to his motto and didn’t hesitate to respond to the attack via DMs.

Threats were thrown between the once associates. The Drake questioned KG for being concerned about his lips while calling him a “nerd,” meanwhile KG insinuated that Drake was jealous of how good his skills are.

Any further responses from Champagne Papi whether it be through music or social media is impossible to determine. However, KG made sure to plug that he’ll be debuting the “nastiest Drake diss” very soon called “No More Life.”

See what he did there?

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