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DMX Voluntarily Checks Himself Into Rehab


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A judge recently granted DMX permission to travel so that the rapper could perform at shows under one condition. In order for DMX to do his thing, he needed to have a sober coach with him wherever he went, 24 hours a day.

This came after the rapper tested positive for weed and cocaine while out on bail for a federal tax fraud case. Despite that setback, the rapper was able to travel to Atlanta for a show with the sober coach riding along. According to the NY Daily News, DMX’s show in Atlanta did not go according to plan, which led the rapper to join a substance-abuse program. DMX’s lawyer Murray Richman told the press that the decision was “a voluntary move [DMX’s] part.” The judge on DMX’s case, Jed Rakoff, signed off on the rapper entering the program. Prior to this, DMX entered rehab in April 2017.


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