Thursday, February 9, 2023

    DJ Spinderella Said She’s ‘Deeply Saddened’ After Being Fired From Salt-N-Pepa


    DJ Spinderella Said She’s Been Fired From Salt-N-Pepa


    Oh no!  Say it ain’t so. Spinderella has been given the pink slip.

    The Brooklyn-bred mix-master hopped on social media Thursday to explain why you won’t be seeing her with the groundbreaking hip hop group when they go on tour later this summer. In an Instagram post, she claims she was terminated from Salt-N-Pepa earlier this year.

    “I’m deeply saddened to share with all the #SaltnPepa and #Spinderella fans that I will not be performing on the #NKOTB Mixtape Tour,” she wrote.

    Style Memory Lane with Salt-N-Pepa
    “We cut up jeans before cut up jeans were in,” the hip hop duo says.

    “Despite my participation in promoting the tour and being highly publicized as one of the acts, in January 2019 I received a ‘termination’ email from #SaltnPepa excluding me from performances with the group,” she elaborated.

    “It was my expectation, after making that decision, that they would also take responsibility for sharing the news with the public and other affected parties. It has been months now with no mention,” Spinderella, whose birth name is Deidra Muriel Roper, continued.

    Spin added that’s why she’s speaking out now to uphold “a standard of professionalism.”

    “I refuse to participate in misleading fans, ticketholders, and others who—based on all the advertising—were anticipating seeing the iconic #SaltnPepa and #Spinderella trio. So, I’m making it clear now,” she continued.

    Earlier this week, BET premiered Ladies Night, a reality show that trails the journey of the three group members as they prepare for their Las Vegas residency. The show also features fellow 1990s hitmakers SWV, who are set to join the hip-hop divas on tour.

    Spinderella told her fans that this won’t be the last they see of her.

    “Please know you will have the opportunity to see me this summer in many other projects and activities I’ll be participating in and I look forward to seeing you all then,” she said.

    The NKOTB Mixtape tour kicks off on Saturday in Cleveland.

    Die-hard Salt-N-Pepa fans will remember that Spinderella is the second deejay to join the trailblazing group, which has always consisted of Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton. When the group first banded in the mid-1980s, Latoya Hanson was recruited to be the collective’s elemental disc jockey.

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