Did Usher and Bobby Brown get into a fight?

By  |  October 15, 2016 9:32 AM EST

Photo Credit: Instagram - @usher

Photo credit: Instagram – @usher

At one point in time both Usher and Bobby Brown have held the title of the King of R&B and throughout their time in the limelight, many have assumed that these two were good friends or at least cool with each other. However, a new report claims that these two R&B legends at one time found themselves beefing with each other and eventually getting into a physical fight at a party.

According to news stories, during a recent episode of Taxstone’s “Tax Season” podcast, producer Rico Love recalled a time when Usher allegedly beat up Bobby Brown during his birthday party in 2002.

“Usher beat up Bobby Brown, I’m not bulls—ting you,” Love explained. “Bobby Brown was drunk. Usher went to his birthday party in LA. Bobby was drunk, talking some s— to Ush. Ush thought he was joking. He started pushing Ush in the chest. And he said, ‘Yeah, lil n—a.”

Love continued to explain that Usher thought that Brown was just playing around but things continued to escalate and Brown allegedly continued to put his hands on Usher, forcing the younger R&B star to react.

“He put his arm around Ush, he put him like in a headlock,” Love shared. “Like, ‘Yeah n—a, don’t ever disrespect me, I’m the king. You my son.’ Ush kind of like pushed back, two-pieced Bobby Brown, quick. He did it so fast, everybody in the party thought they was play-fighting. Ush don’t f— around.”

Well, considering that Brown was still dealing with his high-profile substance abuse issues and his volatile marriage with late R&B icon Whitney Houston, we wouldn’t necessarily be surprised if this story is actually true. And this certainly wouldn’t be the first time that two R&B singers got into an unnecessary fight.

Do you believe that Usher and Brown got into a fight? Let us know in the comments.

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